Getting back on the Fitness Wagon!

©Galina Barskaya

©Galina Barskaya

We’re a month into the new year.  If you had a fitness resolution for 2015, are you on or off the wagon?

As the first month of the year progresses, we tend to ease back into old routines – working late, shuttling kids to soccer or dance – and our good intentions to be more active, eat less junk, cook more whole foods, get to more yoga classes lose their urgency.  Don’t fret!  Every day presents an opportunity for the beginning of a new routine.

Do-Anywhere Fitness Routine

The following no-equipment exercise routine, that combines cardio and resistance training exercises using your body weight, can be done just about anywhere.  Use this routine to get yourself back on the fitness wagon or to keep yourself going strong with your fitness resolution!

To print a PDF copy of the routine with pictures, see Do Anywhere Exercise Routine Outline

Warm upWarm up – Dynamic stretches:

  • shoulder rolls (forward, back) – 10 each
  • torso twists (side to side) – 20 total
  • leg swings (forward/back) – 10 each leg
  • ankle hops – 10 each ankle

Jumping JacksMain Routine:

Aim for: 2 – 3 times per week (1 – 5 sets):

  1. Jumping jacks – (10-20 repetitions)
  2. Push ups –  10-20
  3. One legged Hip RaisesHigh Knees – 10-20 (each side)
  4. Squats – (10-12)
  5. Mountain climbers – 10-20 (each side)
  6. One-legged hip raises – 10-20 (each hip)
  7. Lunges – 10-12 (each leg)
  8. Bird-Dogs – 10-20 (each side)
  9. Shuffles – 10-20 Mountain Climbers(each direction)
  10. Crunches – 10-20

 Quick video of Side Shuffles

Cool down – Static stretches (hold 20-60 Cool downseconds each):

  • flamingo
  • zipper stretch
  • side bends
  • downward dog
  • seated toe touches

Build Momentum

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????If you’re tight on time, start with 1 set and add more sets on another day.  Aim to increase the number of sets as you commit more time to your fitness routine.

If motivation is your issue, set a timer for 30 minutes and do as much of the routine as you can in that time, and then stop!  Try it again two days later adding 5 more minutes to the timer. 

Successes like completing a set or two of exercises, losing an inch around the waist, climbing the stairs without being out of breath, whether big or small for you, build on more success.

Keep working at your fitness one day at a time, and before you know it, you’ll be craving your fitness time instead of letting everything else get in the way.

Recipe of the Week:  Brown Rice Crepes


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