Chicken Pot Pie

Although this recipe looks intimidating, it’s super easy!  After you give it a try, we know it will become a family favorite.


For PDF copy of recipe, Chicken Pot Pie



1 cup brown rice flour
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 cup coconut oil
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
3 tbsp ice water (more if necessary)


1 tsp olive oil
1 cup red potato, diced
1 onion chopped
1 carrot, chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
2 chicken breasts, boneless, cubed (11/2 lbs)
1/2 tbsp red curry paste
1 tsp salt
1/ 1/2 cups chicken stock
1/2 cup coconut milk
1 cup green peas, frozen
2 tbsp brown rice flour


Place flour in bowl, add salt and mix. Add coconut oil and with hands lightly mix until it is crumbly.

Add apple cider vinegar and lightly mix. Add ice water 1 tablespoon at a time and gently mix until flour can be easily gathered.

Gather into a ball and let sit until filling is ready.

Heat olive oil in skillet. Add potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic. Saute until onions are soft. Add cubed chicken and cook until browned.

Add red curry paste, mix. Add salt, chicken stock. Bring to a boil and reduce heat. Add coconut milk, mix. Add brown rice flour, mix and cook until slightly thickened. About 20 minutes.

Add green peas and mix.

Transfer filling to a greased ovenproof dish.

Roll out crust between 2 pieces of parchment or waxed paper.

Cover filling with crust.

Cook at 350 degrees C for 45 to 60 minutes or until crust is brown.


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