Lia Bosch, Scotiabank Calgary Marathon, 2011

Lia Bosch, MSOD

Lia Bosch is a runner, fitness junkie, and nutritious-food lover who enjoys writing about and sharing ideas for better living.  Twenty years ago, her biography would not read this way!  Thanks to her husband, she discovered the joy of active living.  Although her transformation towards living well so far has been a long and sometimes bumpy road, she recognizes that the journey never ends and that the road to better health is well worth taking.  Her love of fitness has inspired her to further study and practice fitness training by earning her Personal Trainer Certification through International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).

Lia also brings her fitness and wellness mentality in working with clients who want to live their best lives at home and at work.  She founded Thrive People Strategies LLC, a consulting and coaching practice.  She works with clients on an individual level or in organizational settings to create the supportive environment and structure they need to thrive personally and professionally.

She also co-founded an upscale Vacation Property Rental & Wellness Concierge Services  business that caters to fitness and nutrition clients.  Come join her in Honolulu at APN Lodging.

Her guiding philosophy in business, and generally in life, is that people have a genuine desire to be choiceful, continuously grow , and have meaningful relationships.  Thus, when organizations, or we ourselves, create supportive environments to nurture those desires, there are no limits to what people and organizations can achieve.  If you want to be healthy, fit and happy, you are the key to making those things happen!

Together with her husband and son, Lia enjoys skiing, swimming, stand up paddling, cycling/mountain biking or just hanging out at the gym. Her early morning run ritual is essential for her wellbeing – nothing gets in the way of that precious time.

Lia has authored articles on leadership and a number of organizational issues, as well as on fitness and relationship topics for local and international journals, newspapers and blogs.  Some of these articles are posted on her business website listed below.  She holds a Master of Science degree in Organization Development from Pepperdine University in California.  You may contact her by writing a comment below or using the following contact information:

Email: liabosch63@gmail.com

Business Website: www.thrivepeoplestrategies.com


Mary Sherriff

Mary Sherriff, ROHP

Mary Sherriff is a Nutritionist whose passion for food started in her early teens.  Although her love affair with eating started with junk foods, over the last 25 years her passion for nutrition has changed her perspective about what tastes good.  Wholesome, healthy, nutritious foods are now her addiction.

As a nutritionist, Mary helps her clients fulfill their nutrition needs and above all emphasizes to them that food is only one aspect of the healthy living puzzle.  One’s emotional, spiritual and physical being are also important to healthy living.

Mary practices what she preaches by eating what she recommends and incorporating physical activities into her daily routine such as yoga, walking, mini trampoline, and resistance training sessions.  She also makes time for herself and her family.

Every day is a new learning experience, especially in the nutrition field where ongoing research uncovers interesting findings to interpret and apply to everyday living.  Mary loves to experiment with recipes by making them healthier and tastier.

She is a mother of two young adult boys and has been married for over 30 years.  Her family is very supportive and over the years have been her most valued test subjects.

Mary is a graduate of The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto and runs her own nutrition coaching business named For Your Health Nutrition & Wellness.  She loves to share information on healthy living with her clients and whoever else will listen.

She can be contacted by leaving your comments below or by visiting her at the following:

Email:  foryourhealth@rogers.com

Business website:  www.foryourhealthnutrition.com

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