Want to take your nutrition and fitness to the next level?  We can help.

Nutrition Counseling

MarySmLet Mary Sherriff, ROHP, RNCP guide you through an in-depth assessment of your nutritional needs to create a personalized nutrition program for easy, everyday living.

She will educate you as you create healthy nutrition habits to address all of your needs, including dealing with allergies or food intolerances, weight loss, menopause, sports goals, and preventative health.  Meal planning is also available.

Visit her at For Your Health Nutrition & Wellness for details on her services and pricing.  You can also learn more about her and her practice on the site.

Don’t see what you need? Contact Mary directly to discuss your goals.

Fitness Training


230339_179697701_XLargeLooking for help with your fitness goals?  Lia Bosch, CPT, MSOD, has the personal experience and certified training to help you safely and effectively achieve your physical best.

How can Lia help?

Comprehensive Fitness Program – Develop your personalized fitness plan starting with a comprehensive assessment of fitness level and body composition.  Culminates in 12-week fitness plan with basic nutritional guidelines.  Includes 2 telephone coaching or follow up discussions (30 minutes).  One flat price of $500 US.

One-on-One Personal Training – Available if you are located in the Honolulu Area at $55 US per hour.  Discounted package rates provided with 3 or more sessions.

If you’d like to explore personal training/coaching via FaceTime or Skype, please contact Lia directly to discuss.

Fitness/Training Plans – If you have a specific running or general fitness training goal, Lia can provide a training plan to fit your needs.  For example:

  • 6 to 20 week running plan for an upcoming race (5K to Marathon)
  • Beginner to Advanced weight training plans
  • New-to-fitness and “Get Active” Plans
  • Senior Fitness
  • Junior Fitness (Teenagers 13-19)

Rates for programs are based on your individual needs and start at $35.


To learn more about Lia and Mary, please see our About page.




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