Feel the Burn: Bodyweight Exercises

We are finally back from a summer break!  It has been about 6 weeks since we last published a post, and although having a  break was refreshing, we missed connecting with our followers and blogging community.

For the first week of Autumn, we thought that a ‘feel the burn’ theme might be good to get back into the swing of things.  After any break, especially a fitness break, building back up to peak performance takes time and discipline.  Day 1 can also feel like hard work so starting slow may be of benefit.

A good way to start slow is to use your own bodyweight as your sculpting fitness tool.

Over the last year, we’ve been compiling a list of bodyweight exercises as a resource for everyday fitness.  Wherever you are, these exercises can help you stay in shape without equipment or too much fuss.

Below are just 10 of our favorite bodyweight exercises from which to pick and choose to get your burn started.  We will continue to share more from our list in future posts.  The full list will be available on our site soon.

10 Favorite Bodyweight Exercises

Diamond Push Up

Pull Up

Lateral Box Hop

Squat Thruster with Rotation

Alternating Lunge with Touchdown

Vertical Jump – Static

Wall Slide

Cross-arm Crunch


Rock and Roll


Try these exercises and tell us what you think of them.  Are they challenging enough? How many sets did you do before feeling the burn?  Which one is your favorite?

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What’s the Answer? Fitness & Nutrition Questions

As we meet people socially and professionally, the most common questions we get asked about nutrition and fitness are:

  1. How many calories should I have daily? What should I eat?
  2. How long will it take to get muscle definition by lifting weights?

Ready for the answer?

It depends!

That is our standard answer and the most appropriate answer, but that’s not what people want to hear.  They want the one-solution answer they can follow and that helps them achieve their goals quickly
An individualized plan is far better than a generic one to help you achieve your nutritional needs and fitness goals. Each of us has unique needs based on our genetics, gender, activity levels, nutritional profile, and habits.

So, will we give you answers to the above questions?  Well, since we can’t give you one-on-one professional advice in this post, we’ll give you food for thought so you can apply it to your own circumstances.

We believe that living a healthy lifestyle is a journey in which you have ups and downs, and during which you continuously learn.

Below are two quick, easy ways to learn about calorie consumption and muscle definition.  We offer these as ways to begin your learning journey.  After you watch the video and read the article, think about the questions we pose for you.

Calorie Consumption

Note: Video on “How Many Calories Should I Have in a Day?” is part of a playlist.  Click on the top left of the video to select the correct video.

Ask yourself:

  • What is my goal? Lose weight, gain weight, maintain weight?
  • How physically active am I or do I want to be?

Having asked yourself the above questions, consider that energy balance is only one factor for weight control, and keep in mind that not every calorie is of equal value or quality. A 100-calorie pack of jubes-jubes is not the same as a 100-calorie piece of fresh fruit.  The fruit has more vitamins and minerals that your body needs.  So, ask yourself more questions:

  • How much protein, fat and carbohydrates do I eat for each meal?  What’s the right balance for me?  Are they good quality nutrients?
  • What foods do I enjoy?
  • What do I know about the foods I’m eating?  Am I reading the labels on packaged foods? How can I swap out packaged foods for whole foods like vegetables, fruits and nuts?
  • How much am I eating?  Am I full before I finish my plate of food? Do I snack more than I should between meals?


  • Eat balanced meals with fat, protein and carbohydrates (play around with quantity of each that works for you),
  • Eat a variety of foods to get a variety of nutrients,
  • Good quality foods (higher in vitamins and minerals) are the goal instead of counting calories,
  • Be wise about how much you eat at meals and for snacks.

Treats are okay but just not every day!

Growing Muscles

IMG_3176This is a short, to the point article from LIVESTRONG.com about muscle growth.

How Long to Notice Muscle Gain?

Ask yourself:

  • How consistently am I lifting weights or working out?
  • How hard am I lifting?  Note: If you are a woman and are afraid to look like the Hulk if you lift heavier weights, don’t worry too much.  Women don’t have enough testosterone to grow muscles that big!
  • Am I challenging my muscles enough by varying my workouts?
  • Am I carrying some extra body fat?
  • Am I eating enough good quality foods to grow muscles?
  • Am I doing too much cardio?  Am I doing enough weight lifting? What’s the right balance?
  • Am I getting enough rest between workouts?

Looking toned is achievable.  Commit to and follow through on healthy eating and consistent workouts.

The science of health, fitness, and nutrition is fascinating and the more you learn, the more you’ll want to learn.  At the start, the information you learn may be overwhelming and sometimes contradictory, but as you experiment and apply the knowledge to your circumstances, you’ll see the results and things start to make sense.

Enjoy the healthy lifestyle journey!

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