Calling all women 45 years and older!

Are you a woman, 45 years and older, who is trying to establish a sustainable fitness and nutrition routine?

Mary and I are exploring ideas to develop an online program about fitness and nutrition to help women look and feel their best!

Please help us by going to our survey and answering 2 quick questions.

Thank you and stay tuned for what’s to come.

With Warm Aloha,

Lia and Mary

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Healthy New Beginnings for Thanksgiving in 2020

We are two days away from Thanksgiving and it’s not quite feeling like the normal Thanksgiving. It feels like the usual excitement about the holiday has been turned down a notch.

The virus in 2020 has put a damper on plans for many. It has been quite the year of uncertainty, worry, and loss. And, at the same time, it has been quite the year for new beginnings.

How have you positively transformed your life since last Thanksgiving?

In our circles, some friends and family have started new businesses, made serious inroads into their fitness goals, got new jobs, spent more time with family, and gained more perspective/balance to live in the present. Granted, it has not been easy to get there!

Healthy Tips for Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for the past year, and it also marks an opportunity for new beginnings.

If you are looking to get started with your health goals or want to stay on track with what you started this year, then we have a Thanksgiving workout and healthy dinner recipe for you.

Workout Jammer

This is a 30-minute workout you can fit in before or after Thanksgiving dinner.

The objective of the workout is to do as many repetitions, with good form, in 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds before the next set. You have 6 exercises to do in total and you need to repeat each of them 8 times before you move to the next exercise. Rest at least 70 seconds between exercises. If you need more rest, take it!

Sirloin Roast Recipe

We also have a healthful beef roast recipe if you want to break tradition from turkey. Be sure to add to the meal healthy, colorful sides like broccoli, sweet potatoes (minus the added sugar), green beans.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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