Reducing Carbohydrate Intake

Lately, I’ve been trying to reduce the carbohydrates (mainly refined carbs) in my daily meal routine and increase fats and protein intake.  Through this journey I have discovered how addicted I am to carbs, and feel for anyone trying to make any kind of switch in their nutritional intake.

I’ve been trying to replace my beloved oatmeal breakfast with other protein and fat rich alternatives.  Here is one that you might enjoy, Egg Pepper Nest.  Just yesterday a friend also told me about an egg recipe with avocado as the nest.  So, stay tuned for that recipe soon!

Why the Switch to More Fat and Protein?

Earlier this year I visited my new doctor, a Functional Medicine doctor, who suggested I do a number of blood, medical tests, and evaluations to establish a base for my overall nutritional health.  Having suffered from tummy issues and food sensitivities for years, it seemed like a good thing to do.  Although it was a cumbersome few weeks of testing, it was worth doing.  The results gave me a lot of information about how well my body was absorbing essential nutrients and what it was lacking.

There is a whole field of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics that aim to help individuals optimize their health by personalizing nutrition based on their genetics.

Functional medicine is very much aligned with the work that Mary does as a Holistic Nutritionist, and focuses on enhancing health through nutrition, i.e. eating whole foods, good quality food, and well made supplements (when needed).

More people are turning to gluten-free, grain-free, organic, grass-fed, and other more natural options for their nutrition.  Does that make sense for you? It depends!

As part of the search in answering this question for myself, I read research papers, websites, books, etc. and some of the resources that I liked best are listed below.  Some of the following sites do advertise their “stuff” which typically turns me off but the essence of their message is good.

Eat Fat, Get Thin, by Mark Hyman, MD

The Slow Down Diet, by Marc David

Dr. Mark Hyman’s Website

The Martin Clinic (Dr. Martin’s Blog)

There is increasing research on the topic of what’s really the culprit of obesity, increase in diabetes and heart disease, etc.  Of course, there are many differing views, so we invite you to read as much of the research as you can and be informed.  Armed with solid knowledge, you can have more productive discussions with your health care practitioner and make better decisions about your health.

Recipe of the Week:  Egg Pepper Nest


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