Live Simply, Celebrate Simply

IMG_5061Every year the Holidays seem to approach with such fanfare.  Decorations go up in every store; people rush around buying gifts; Christmas parties are planned well ahead of December; Christmas songs are played non-stop on the radio; kids make their lists and count down to the much awaited gift receiving day. With all of this fanfare, we can easily get caught up in participating in the chaos.

What if my friend gives me a gift and I don’t have one for her?  What should I get for my kids’ teachers?  Should we have the in-laws over for the Holidays?  Who’s turn is it to host?  How am I going to get the Christmas baking done?

Starting in November, we work ourselves into a crescendo of activity for one week – that last week of the year!  It’s as if our lives will end if we don’t get all of this stuff done in time for that last week of the year.  No wonder most of us need a vacation during this time.  We’ve been doing double duty working our day jobs, while getting ready for the holidays.


What if we scrapped all of the fanfare for the Holidays and opted for a simpler celebration?  What would the Holidays look like for you?

Our version would still include time with family.  Time to kick back and relax together is a favorite holiday event!  No need for big dinners.  One main course and a few vegetable sides is the ideal Holiday meal in our opinion.  Dessert is also a must – something without all the fat and that takes little time to prepare.  No-bake coconut oil fudge perhaps or mixed berry crisp?

Gifts?  We don’t need them.  However, a small token to express our love for each other is appreciated.   One item that a loved one has especially picked out for you.  Something that you’ve wanted and didn’t want to buy for yourself or something that is a perfect gift just for you.

No late night shopping; no late night baking; no slaving in the kitchen, no extra scrubbing of the house to impress house guests.  That’s our ideal Holiday!

A Meaningful Holiday

Celebrating simply means enjoying the Holidays for their true meaning to you, which might be different for each person.  Although there are strong religious ties to this Holiday season, when we dig deep into the history of Christmas, Hanukkah or Orthodox followings, it seems to us that the Holidays are about celebrating new beginnings.  A new birth, an event leading to the beginning of a new era, a new moon, etc. Take this last week of the year to celebrate your journey in the last year and to anticipate with excitement the year to come.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Happy Holidays to you all and thank you for being with us as we’ve journeyed one more year in search for wellness, health, and happiness in everyday living. We look forward to another spectacular year of learning and growing with you all.

Recipe of the Week: Quinoa Stuffed Zucchini & Peppers

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