Sidelined by Injuries?

If you’re a runner and currently injured, then welcome to the club!  I hate feeling vulnerable to those aches and pains that make you hesitant to do anything with your body.   When feeling this way, I remind myself that there are tons of other physical activities I can do with less impact and max results.

So, while being sensible not to injure myself more, I’ve been taking a break from running and doing other equally wonderful things.  Here’s a sample of my workouts the past two weeks.

Bike and Spin Sessions

IMG_0117For easier days, I’ve been biking on a stationary bike or around town on my mountain bike.

On days that I needed a little more intensity, I tried these two spin workouts from Global Cycling Network (GCN). They are fantastic fat burners.  My iPad Mini is a perfect companion to view GCN’s videos on the spin bike.  Their videos are easy to follow and professionally done.


Strength Training & Abs

IMG_0113With extra stretching of my calf and hamstrings, I’ve managed to continue my weight routine, albeit with lighter weights and minor modifications.  As a bonus, I’ve had a little more time to train muscles that get overlooked when focused on running performance.



Ok, I look so goofy with my swim stuff on so please don’t judge…

Ah, so soothing are my afternoon swims in the ocean.  The water is getting warmer so it has been easier to jump right in.  The major benefit has been working on my cardio while feeling no pain which is common from the repeated impact of running on my legs.


Thanks to Lululemon in Waikiki, I’ve enjoyed a regular weekly dose of complimentary yoga. Some weeks I’ve even managed 2 sessions. The teachers who have volunteered their time for yoga practice have been phenomenal. Thank you for helping me through the latest injury.


Whether for shopping, getting to appointments, or just a mind-clearing breather, I’ve walked.  There is so much to see and appreciate when the pace is slower than running.

If you’re injured, try something other than your regular sport or activity.  It will give your muscles the much-needed rest, and you may even discover a new favorite activity.

Recipe of the Week:  Orange Maple Baked Salmon


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