Traveling Gym Session

Summer vacation is so sweet.  It’s a perfect time to unwind and forget the regular routines that get you rising before the sun, making school lunches, and driving kids to school before rushing to work.

For some people, summer vacation means giving their workout routine a break, while for others it means having more time to ramp up their workout or trying something different.

Even when traveling, there are plenty of opportunities to be active and stay fit. Here are some ideas for staying active, and a workout routine you can do anywhere with just a chair.

Pick An Activity…

©Sandy Matzen

©Sandy Matzen

There are so many ways to pump up your heart rate, and enjoy a day of leisure.  When visiting a new city, many of these activities can be built right into your sightseeing schedule.  For instance:

  • Take a walking tour of the city or local attraction,
  • Walk to a farmer’s market or shopping center,
  • Run or walk along the beach,
  • Hike a trail or meadow path,
  • Cycle around the city or bike in the mountains,
  • Join a free yoga class in the park,
  • Swim in the lake, ocean, pool,
  • Surf or Standup Paddle in the ocean or lake,
  • Kayak, row, or ride a canoe,
  • Walk the course when playing golf,
  • Play tennis, volleyball on the beach, soccer in the park,
  • Dance ANYWHERE…

Grab a Chair…

While on vacation and away from the gym, you can still do strength training using your own bodyweight or using items in your hotel room or nearby park.  For instance, you can use 2.8L juice containers or 4L milk containers filled with water or sand as weights; benches at the park or ottomans in your suite can double up as workout benches.

The following is a 20-30 minute workout using just a chair.  Adjust the timing by adding or subtracting sets.  You can do these strength workouts every other day.  Be creative and add more exercises on your own using whatever you have available. instagram

We’d love to see your ideas so take pictures and tag us on Instagram at @aspireperspirenourish.

Upper Body

Chair Incline Push Ups Triceps Dips ShoulderPressWide

Lower Body

StepUps BulgarianSplitSquats


Abs & Core

LegTucksExtensions PlankandKneeTucks


Stay Nourished…

©Andrei Mihalcea

©Andrei Mihalcea

Vacations are times filled with food and drink temptations.  Stay healthy by engaging in responsible eating and drinking, i.e. watch portion sizes, buy healthy snacks, keep the alcoholic beverages in check, and eat as much raw, whole, natural ingredients as possible.

Sometimes, we do need a nutritional boost so this summer, try some Aloha products, which are made simply with natural ingredients.  We are testing out their products and will tell you more about them in future posts.  In the meantime, you can enjoy a free trial by going to the link below:

Free Trial of ALOHA On the Go Kit**

**Please note this is an affiliate link and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on the link.

☀️Happy Summer🌅

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