Getting Your Healthy Coffee Fix

Scoop of Coffee Grinds

Scoop of Coffee Grinds ©Webking

Years ago when we started to ‘clean up’ our act to live a healthier and more nutritious lifestyle, we were advised to stop drinking coffee.  As most coffee lovers can imagine, we were devastated.  Most of our attempts to stop drinking this magnificent-tasting, magic liquid ended in binges that left us with bad tummy aches and incessant heartburn.

Fast forward to today and there are a number of studies and reports that show that coffee (and caffeine) may be good for you.  Alleluia!

Now, this news does not give you the green light to overindulge.  Consuming too much of a good thing may still do damage.  However, this news gives us the go-ahead to enjoy a few guiltless cups a day!

Health Benefits


©Johanna Goodyear

Recent research (and studies that review people’s coffee habits) show that coffee may have several health benefits.  Keep in mind that many of the studies do not show a direct cause and effect, but indicate that people who drink coffee have certain health characteristics.  In particular, some of the health benefits may be that coffee drinkers are less likely to have type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, or Alzheimer’s.  Some studies also suggest that coffee drinkers are less likely to get certain types of cancer.

Why is coffee good for you?

Coffee is high in antioxidants, and contains the following micronutrients:

  • sodium
  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • manganese
  • riboflavin
  • niacin

Black coffee is also low in calories because it does not contain significant amounts of fat, protein or carbohydrates.  The calories pile up in coffee when you add cream, sugar, and all the other sweeteners that are popular in today’s gourmet coffee world.

Is Caffeine Healthy?

There are different opinions about the healthfulness of caffeine.  Research shows that it has its benefits, including encouraging fat burning, improving alertness and brain function, and increasing physical performance.

©Jesiah Garber

©Jesiah Garber

On the other hand, caffeine can also raise blood pressure (mildly) and therefore may be a problem for some people prone to persistent high blood pressure issues.  More recent research shows that coffee may provide protection against heart disease in women and lower the risk of stroke. As we all know, ongoing research may reveal new findings about coffee that could change the tale on its health benefits.  For now, we’re glad to enjoy it in moderation.

Reviews on Coffee Makers

If you’re in the market for a new coffee maker or want to learn more about the best coffee makers on the market, check out Seema’s site: Coffee Makers List Seema’s thorough research on what’s available will save you time and money.  Note that by using her site you are also helping kids in need, since 70% of the proceeds of referrals from her site are donated to an NGO school in India.


Recipe of the Week:  Almond Iced Coffee

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