Sorting through Life

©Jenny Solomon

©Jenny Solomon

“The only real battle in life is between hanging on and letting go.”
― Shannon L. Alder

This last month has been a battle for me.  Should I keep this or let it go?  I’ve asked myself these questions so many times this month as I’ve sorted through the house my family and I have lived in for the last 20 years.

Reflecting on the experience of moving out of this home, I see that it is a microcosm for life.  As we go through life, we acquire things that mean something special to us, or that we prize because it just feels good to have them.

Sometimes, we don’t choose those things yet they land at our doorstep, like those gifts and things others give us that we don’t really care for but hang on to because we think we should.

For the things we choose, we may hang on to them for many reasons including that these things give us our identity.  We construct a picture of ourselves that fits these things – our wardrobe, our homes, our cars, our relationships and so much more.  As we grow, shrink, change in life, the things we prize change.  We’re constantly making choices about hanging on to them or letting them go.  Some are easy choices; others bring a lot of heartache.  My guide has always been looking to the future because that’s where I like to live.  Others stay firmly planted in the present and yet others live in the past.



Where do these things belong?

In the end, it is our ability to choose that keeps us hopeful and energized.  You have the power to decide whether to hang on or let go!

Thanks for following us.  We’ll be back with more recipes and wellness ideas in July when we hope life will be a little less hectic.

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