2014 Honolulu Marathon Update

Cups lined up at start!  Thanks, Staci.

Cups lined up at start! photo credit: Staci.

Some of you might be wondering how things went last Sunday at the Honolulu Marathon.  Here’s just a brief update with pictures.

Well, most would think that running a marathon in Honolulu weather would be a pleasant experience.  Most of the time it is!  Some would say that the weather was perfect this year and others would question the judgement of those who said that.

After a restless sleep because of a noisy group of party-goers who seemed to enjoy screaming at each other until 4 am, Joylin and I awoke to our 3 am alarm feeling less than excited about the day.  As we peeked out the lanai (balcony) for clues about what to wear, we realized it was raining lightly.  I said to Joylin, “No worries.  It will stop by the start of the race.”  I was dead wrong.

Smiling at the start with Staci. photo credit: Joylin

Smiling at the start with Staci.
photo credit: Joylin

Along with our friend, Staci, we walked to the start line in the rain and ran 25 miles of the marathon in rain.  Along one stretch of the highway, we were also met by what seemed like hurricane-force winds.  I had to tilt my head down to keep my ball cap from flying away!  The diehard spectators and cheering crowds were awesome.  We can’t believe they were out in that weather to see a bunch of drowned rats running and splashing them as we stepped into puddles we couldn’t see in the dark.


Joylin approaching the finish. Giving it her all. photo credit: Gail

Despite the not-so-fun weather, we all had a good race.  Although I lost Joylin at mile 1 as she raced madly through crowds to get ahead, we met at the finish coming in within about 40 seconds of each other.  It was fantastic to hear Joylin’s voice call out to me as event photographers tried to take our pictures, and volunteers handed out water.

Heading for the finish, trying to catch this guy! Photo credit: Gail

Heading for the finish, trying to catch this guy!
Photo credit: Gail

Equally wonderful was seeing our good friends, Gail and Steve (avid runners themselves), who were at the end taking pictures of us crossing the finish line.  Thank you for being there, Gail, and capturing these pictures for us!

This was Staci’s first marathon and had a fantastic race.  She says it was her first and her last but we’re thinking she’s hooked!


You might want to know that the mantra I created for this race worked.  On the tough parts of the race, my inner voice would switch from “strong and smooth” to “smooth and strong”.  The back and forth seemed to soothe me and the two words kept my running in rhythm.  At a few points in the race my mind also kept saying to me, “A walk in the park”.  My body felt good and the time seemed to pass more quickly than expected.

Overall, I’d say it was good day.

With Joylin at the finish.  Photo credit: Gail

With Joylin at the finish.
Photo credit: Gail

Joylin, I may do another one.  But don’t hold me to it!  Next year, we may have Steve join us or better still we’ll aim for a triathlon.

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