Easy Recovery Workout


Honolulu Star Advertiser 02/21/17

On Monday, I ran the Great Aloha Run, which is a 8.15 mile charity run.  Every year over 20,000 people run and walk the race with their families and friends.  The spirit of Aloha is clearly visible at this race.  Lots of smiles, good music, and support along the way!

After such a great emotional high, with a fast-paced race, I need some recovery time.  Those who train hard on a weekly basis or have competed in athletic events know the feeling of sore muscles.  This feeling is a sure sign that you need to lower the intensity of your workouts for a day or two.

EZ Recovery Workout

Rather than sitting on the couch watching movies, try a workout that helps to increase your flexibility while repairing the micro-tears in your muscles.  Post-exercise muscle soreness will be reduced by doing something active instead of nothing at all.


Cross train on a recovery day.  Do something other than your usual cardio workout.  For example, if running is your primary sport, go on a leisurely bike ride, walk, or try the elliptical to work out the kinks.  Go slower and at a gentler pace.

Strength Training

Doing a weight or resistance workout can also serve as active recovery.  Use low resistance/weights and keep the repetitions moderate to low as you do not want to further tire your muscles (further contract).  Six to 10 repetitions should be sufficient.  Do fewer if you are finding it difficult to follow through with good form on the last few repetitions.

Stretching and Flexibility

Yoga and stretching are ideal for active recovery days.  Alternatively, perform exercises that concentrate on increasing range of motion (ROM) of joints.  For example, arm circles, squat with arm stretch up, superman stretch on ball, etc.

Sample Workout

See below a sample workout to help you recover.






Print sample-recovery-workout by clicking on the link.





Rest and Refuel

As part of your recovery, be sure to get lots of rest and refuel with water and nutritious food.  Your body needs this good stuff more than ever at this point.

Congratulations to all runners and walkers who participated in the 2017 Great Aloha Run!




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