Emotional Eating

        IMG_5457        “Walk Away!”

That’s my chant.

I endlessly say to myself, “walk away…” from the fridge, the pantry, the freezer, the stash of candy that I hide from my son who’s a sugar monster.  Some days, nothing gets done because I’m constantly looking to comfort my emotions with food.  This kind of relief has been my thing since I was a teen.  Recognizing the habit and breaking it takes mindfulness and action!

Fooling Myself

CAM00027Celery is my friend and so are carrots, peppers, sugar snap peas, and almonds plus other nuts.  Medjool dates for a little sweetness?  Fooling my emotions with these foods helps to keep me healthier – I think.  However, I can also overdose on these since a few calories in each adds up to a lot in a day.  Eating the whole bulb of celery or 2-pound bag of carrots must be healthy, right?  Not so much when my tummy rumbles not for hunger, but for too much ruffage!

Popcorn is one of my favorite salty snacks anytime I feel like munching, or maybe I’ll have peanut butter and gluten-free crackers.  IMG_2479IMG_2951

The endless thoughts about food keep my mind occupied, sheltering me from dealing with the emotions that fuel the hunger.  Hunger?  Who am I kidding.  By the end of the day, I feel so stuffed that I yearn to feel hungry and healthy again.

Move it Out of Your System

HalfrMaRATHON 186_0.previewI like feeling hungry after an intense workout.  The emotions wake me early, get me feeling antsy and ready to go.  It’s 5 am and I’ve got somewhere to go!  Working through the emotions during a long run – that’s the best for me.  On those emotional days, other runners must wonder about my sobbing or singing.  Just the right song can elicit either response.  As I approach my finish line, I decide to loop around for a lap around the block. Just don’t want to end that high now that the emotions are curbed to a healthier level.  My tummy grumbles for hunger this time!

These are the tricks of my accumulated wisdom.  Like for a crying child, distraction does wonders to curb my emotional eating.

Write and Let it Go

When I am finally ready to face the emotions, it’s time to write.  The act of putting those emotions on paper gives me focus, clarity, and peace of mind.  Those thoughts so tightly knit to the emotions fade away as a new micro-moment of life begins.

Recipe of the Week:  Swiss Chard Pesto

Happy Mother’s Day!


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