Let it go!


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Okay, here was the plan:

“Get up at 5:10 am, do my workout, get my son to school, get back home and right to finishing the blog on avocados.  Mary and I had planned to publish it on Monday and managed to miss that deadline.  I like to live up to our commitment to publish once a week so the pressure is on!”

It is now 10:57 am and I’m totally frustrated that my husband has highjacked my day with his list of to do’s.  My uninterrupted time to write has just gone out the window.  I can feel my blood pressure rising every time he asks me a question or asks for help as he tries to put together this huge deck box he dragged me out to buy yesterday.  “Do you want to save this?  Should we donate that?  Can you hold this side of the box, while I put the other end together?”  The requests are endless and my focus on avocados is dwindling.  Why is it that  my agenda is always on the bottom of the pile?

You’re Not Alone

I’m told by many of my friends that I’m not alone in feeling frustrated by how others take over your day.  It might be at work and your boss comes in the door and says to you, “Can you help me with this important project?” or at home when your child needs help with homework, or maybe your friend calls up and asks for a last minute hand with something.  Your day was all planned out until you get that request.  How do you respond?

Inherently, humans want to feel ‘essential’ or that they are an important and valued part of something (or in someone’s life).  That universal need drives me, and I bet it drives you more than you think.  So, when someone asks you to help, do you go into overdrive?  With experience, I’ve learned to think before I leap…but not always.

Getting back to Your Agenda

Today, my past experience tells me that I’ve got to let go of my perfect plan.  It’s time to take a look at my list and re-prioritize so that the most important things get done.  Sorry followers, you will have to wait until this weekend to learn more about avocados.

Now that I’ve made that decision, I can better handle the incessant questions and requests.  My brain can stop thinking about what needs to get done and focus on checking off just a few important items on my expanded list.

I know that tomorrow my plan for today and its list of tasks will not look as important as they did today!

“Life is 10% what you make it and 90% how you take it.”

Irving Berlin

Recipe of the Week:  Beet & Avocado Appetizer

Stay tuned for more on Avocado this weekend!


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