Review: Purelygreat Natural Deodorant – Our First Prize Package

Over the next month, we will introduce to you the great products that are provided as prizes for our 1st Anniversary Contest.  First up is:


You have the chance to win a Family Pack (as shown below) – a value of $44.95
Purelygreat is a natural deodorant made with three simple ingredients plus essential oils.  The key ingredients are organic natural soda,non-gmo corn starch, and organic vegetable glycerin.  If you haven’t read the ingredients in your commercial brand deodorant, look carefully.  Many contain aluminum and other chemicals which get absorbed into your body through your skin.  Purelygreat is also vegan and comes in anunscented version for those with sensitive skin.

The Company

Purelygreat is a local Toronto company established in 2011 by Debbie Cohen. They make all natural cream deodorant products, comprised of 3 simple ingredients that are safe and effective for the whole family!

As a mother, and Reflexologist Debbie’s family and client’s health has always been a priority. Several years ago, she started looking at alternatives to mainstream products and particularly deodorants. She recognized that the cumulative effects of daily application was a health risk. That led to the development of Purelygreat Cream Deodorants.

Her products are now being sold online across North America and through a growing network of select health food stores and eco retailers in Canada.

Our Experience with Purelygreat

Mary and I have been using the product for a couple of weeks now and can say that it really works well.  I have found that it keeps me feeling dry and smelling good!  The deodorant has even withstood some of my more gruelling workouts.  When I’ve used some of the other deodorants found on the market, they have not been effective for more than a few hours.  PurelyGreat, on the other hand, has provided me protection for 24 hours!  It also compares very well with other natural deodorants, lasting much longer than others that Mary has tried.


comes with stick for stirring, if needed.

I loved the women’s citrus scent and also liked the men’s patchouli scent.  Yes, I used the men’s deodorant because it smelled so good!  It reminded me of eucalyptus, which I find soothing.  There is a citrus scent for men and also a lavender scent for women. Purelygreat also offers a natural deodorant for boys and girls.

We like that the deodorant comes in eco-friendly packaging – a handy little jar.  Since it is in a cream format, which is different from your typical deodorant packaging, applying the deodorant may take a little getting used to for some people.  I quite like it as I don’t find it sticky like the commercial brands.  My jar got a bit oily on the outside because I carry it in my travel bag to the gym every day.  Nothing a good wipe can’t solve!

Overall, we think it’s a great product you might want to try.  Visit their site for more information and their facebook for deals and giveaways.


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